California Durable Power of Attorney

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Another estate planning document you may want to establish is a durable
power of attorney also known as the financial power of attorney. A durable
power of attorney is a way to establish an individual as a responsible
agent for your financial and real property assets should you become incapacitated.
When establishing power of attorney, establishing a durable power of attorney
is important because in most states, when you become incapacitated, the
individual designated with power of attorney can remain so.

Responsibilities As An Agent

Power of attorney gives another individual the legal authority to act on
your behalf. The person who this responsibility is bestowed upon is considered
your agent or attorney-in-fact. You are able to give your agent as little
or as much power as you’d like.

Some examples of responsibility you can give your attorney-in-fact include:

  • Collecting Social Security, Medicare, and other government benefits
  • Buying and selling insurance policies
  • File and pay your taxes
  • Use your assets to pay everyday expenses
  • Buy, sell and maintain your properties
  • Invest your money in stocks
  • Hire an attorney to represent you
  • Manage your retirement

We Can Help You Establish Power of Attorney

If you and your family are interested in establishing durable power of
attorney, our
Folsom estate planning attorney can navigate you through the process. With over 20 years of experience
and a successful track record of happy clients, you can rest assured choosing
an attorney from Travis G. Black is the right move for you.

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