Motorcycle Riders: Stay Safe this Holiday Season

It’s Christmas time and many of us are wondering what to get our loved ones. Well if your loved one owns a motorcycle, check in with them and see if they have everything they need in order to be riding on the roads this holiday season. Make sure your loved one has an appropriate Helmet and the safety gear needed to protect themselves.

In current times, with gas prices being as high as they are, a motorcycle is a fun, exciting, and efficient way to get where you need to be. Although it is fun, you don’t have much protection around you, which makes you incredibly vulnerable every time you get on your bike.


According to US Department of Transportation National Highway Safety Administration 4,976 people died in motorcycle accidents in 2015 which was up 8.3 percent from the previous year. In California alone, more than 11,000 motorcycle riders were injured in auto related accidents in 2013, along with an additional 480 deaths. Even the safest motorcyclist cannot account for the dangers they are up against when they are on their bike. No matter what safety measures are taken, they cannot control the reckless drivers around them.

Some motorcycle riders will tell you there is nothing better than riding your motorcycle out on an open road, with nothing but the sound of the bike and the beautiful scenery around them. Let’s be honest there is no valid reason you should get on a motorcycle without wearing all the appropriate safety gear. It might not be as comfortable, and you might not look as cool, but your life is worth it. Whether you are a veteran rider or a beginner we here at Travis Black and Associates recommend these safety tips in order to protect yourself this holiday season. . .

1. Where a DOT approved Helmet.
2. Wear appropriate safety gear.
3. Don’t drink and drive while riding.
4. Drive defensibly.
5. Stay alert and follow the rules of the road.
6. Make complete stops at stop signs.
7. Because you are smaller you are harder to see, so make sure you are visible before you go.
8. Be very cautious when lane splitting.